September 13, 2011

Deutsche Bank – first electric cars in use

Electromobility is a major topic at the IAA International Motor Show, which opens its doors in Frankfurt on September 15. The German government wants Germany to become the leading market for electric cars as well as the leading supplier of electric cars by 2020. It is hoped that e-mobility will contribute to reducing or solving economic, ecological and social problems associated with road transport.

According to a study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research and Deutsche Bank Research, many consumers would not be deterred by either the current maximum 150-kilometre range for battery electric vehicles or the existing charging infrastructure. Initial tests with small electric fleets have shown that drivers soon adapt to the limited range. However, the costs – which remain high – are another matter and mean that e-mobility will stay a niche market in the coming years.

Deutsche Bank, at any rate, has been testing the use of electric cars since the beginning of April 2011 as part of a pilot project at its new Deutsche Bank towers in Frankfurt. A fleet of small electric-powered cars, which has been growing constantly, is available for business trips within the city. A special feature of this e-car pilot project is that the vehicles are charged at electric charging points in the building’s underground car park with electricity supplied by the building itself. Electricity is generated by the elevators depending on their direction and load, and this is sufficient to charge the cars. If the pilot project is successful, Deutsche Bank will start running electric cars at other locations as well.

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